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 Client Testimonials:
Student Testimonials:

"Alco Chan is the most advanced Bodyworker I know in the Bay area so far."
-- B. O. Connell CMT

"Alco's class was exactly what I have been looking for to take my bodywork to the next level. The postural analysis knowledge base is priceless."
-- MacKenzie Murphy, CMT

"Just AMAZING! Magic Massage workshop has been so useful to me and what i love is that it  just MAKES SENSE".
-- Carrie Redfern, CMT

The info presented in the Body Optimalization course was invaluable. Although i was educated in the concepts learned in PT and massage school, Alco was able to integrate them into my critical thinking about how to aproach  a patient's pain pattern, and ultimately get a better outcome. With his Body Opt. techniques and philosophy, I am a better Therapist. I am grateful for his knowledge and expertise. Body Opt. is truly a game changer!
-Misty Hillin, PTA, CMT


"Al's workshop on sciatica was filled with useful tools & techniques. I highly recommend taking it"
-- Deborah Dove, CMT & Yoga Teacher

"Alco's Magic Massage class is a great class. I learned more in his class than in one year of massage school. and after using his techniques, I received my 1st 5 star Yelp review. Thank you so much for the great class. I am better bodyworker because of Alco's teachings".
-- Marco Kabir, CMT

"Alco is the best therapist, he doesn't just make things feel better, he fixes them."
-- J. Love

"I am filled to tears as I wake up this morning with the first truly full night's sleep behind me that I have had probably since the new moon before last or thereabouts. It is fully apparent to me that if God wanted me to live in pain all the time, he would not have sent Alco to me. That is what kind of impact Alco has had in my life".
So Much Love and Thank.....Paul

-J. Densmore

"I have a chronic low back condition, only two things make me feel pain free, medicinal pot and Alco… amazing work."
-- client anonymous CMT

 "After suffering from Sciatica for 2 years, I had one session with Alco. Alco is the reason I don't have a pain in my ass anymore."
-- Yohai, Musician

"Alco is a very passionate and generous therapist. He doesn't just do a good job, he loves what he does and a session with him is very full filling".
-- Salena, CMT

Alco's work is just amazing. I have had various people work on my back but only Alco can make it feel like new again. Take my last most recent session, I had not had Al work on my back for over six weeks and I went into the session feeling tense and stressed from life. After a session
with Alco, I feel like I have a new back, I feel like a new person. Even after the sessions you are more conscience of taking care of your back, how you sit, walk, etc.
After looking for so many years and going to so many people Alco is the one, because Alco not only knows what he is doing but he genuinely cares for what he is doing and for people too. I can't recommend Alco
-- Patrick

"Alco was able to open up the space between my neck and chest so that for several days after, whenever I tried to hunch back into bad posture, my body actually remembered the correct posture! He definitely is in the top three for body workers in the bay area, and someone i recommend for injury and pain treatment, as well as correcting problems caused by bad posture."
-- Leila Swan - model 


I suffer from severe progressive muscular dystrophy and have visited Healers all over the World. Alco and I worked for three years. Only a major life transition has forced me to move away, and I am already feeling the differnce. Alco showed results, where others could not. Alco’s healing hands gave me back my strength and my health. Since working with him, my life has changed. For this I am truly indebted.
-- Victor Pineda

"I have tried a variety of body  workers and I can say that no one has been quite as effective as Alco Chan. Each time that I have had a condition resulting in body aches, spinal misalignment, stress or injury - Alco has come to the rescue and so far.......has 'cured' me each time. I swear by his work, highly recommended it and encourage anyone who is needing structural body work to seek out Alco for a remedy. Alco is very professional, educated and aware with his work.......You are in good hands, no, GREAT hands!"
-- Kashi Stone, Fashion Designe
Alco is very successful at treating sciatica patients, and is one of the best lowerback/hip specialists I know. I felt well-educated by his Sciatica Workshop, which covered basic anatomy, muscle energy techniques, stretching, cranial-sacral, and more. Acol is a dedicated practitioner who has a deep understanding of the body on a biomechanical level, and also integrates subtle work to address the energetic components. I highly recommend Alco as a practitioner as well as a mentor.
-- Miki Murakami, MD. Health Guide and Founder of Chi Fountain Integrative Medicine


I've been body worker for 25 years, and it wasn't until I studied with Alco that I started to get feedback that my work was actually eliminating conditions completely in my clients rather than just offering temporary relief and lowering stress. Alco’s Body Optimalization really works and deserves to be recognized as a unique system of Bodywork worthy of being taught. I know after taking years of continuing ed classes, these concepts are not being taught to body workers anywhere. I, like Al, feel a mission to elevate the standards and competency of the massage profession. I highly recommend Alco’s Body Optimalization.
-Lea Wildflower, CMT & Hot Stone Instructor at Davis School of Massage.


"For anyone who'd like to deepen their knowledge of reading the human body, I highly recommend Al's straight forward hands on class on postural analysis. IT gives you a simple 3D map of how the parts of the body are connected through their spine and their relationship to each other to support the structural integrity of a functional human being.  Learn the relationships, and how to harmonize them in the most direct way."
  -- Ishmael Aylwin McIntosh, CMT