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Alco Chan is an approved provider of continuing education by the  American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) & National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) 451191-09


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Ultimate Anatomy: Typical Tuition $250.00
2 days, 16 hr.  This is Anatomy "Optimize". The format will be lecture with “fun” lab practicum activities. The lecture will cover Muscle Origins, Insertions & Actions. Beyond this, students will also learn medical terminology, skeletal landmarks, movement direction, muscle orientation, and contractility. It is from these basics in which Anti Gravity Massage Principles are introduced and its relevance to massage therapy with regards to natural laws. A more “Knowledgeable” massage therapist, gets more clients and a better return rate.

Power Chair Massage: Typical Tuition $120.00
PCM is a 3hr workshop. You’ll learn to deliver a killer 20 minute Chair Massage with correct Body Mechanics. You’ll learn the top 4 repetitive strain injuries, people get from working on computers, and then you’ll learn the Cool Moves to relieve and prevent patient's pain.

Body Optimalization: Typical Tuition $450.00
Body Opt.  offered in 3 different ways ,18 Hrs/ CEUs. a Revolutionary Healing Art Form, coming with philosophies & healing principles to help guide your treatment for optimal results. You’ll be introduced to an assessment tool on how to map the body’s asymmetries and predict the location of your client’s pain. You'll learn 15 ”Million dollar moves”  designed to specifically ”Unwind” muscle tension, correct your client’s asymmetries and realign joints from head to toe. They were developed to decrease the amount of effort on the practitioner even while working "deeply" on the largest clients. Body Opt. is the Science behind what you have intuitively known as a massage therapist.  Combine these two forms of knowledge & become a more powerful healing arts practitioner.

Secrets Of Sciatica: Typical Tuition $180.00
SOS is a 6 hr. workshop and lecture. Topics covered are Basic Anatomy of the lower spine and pelvic girdle, Biomechanics of the lower spine and pelvic girdle, Pathway of the Sciatic Nerve and Postural Analysis. Treatment of the Sciatic Nerve using eight different healing principles, including muscle energy techniques, Cranio-Sacral, Mckenzie etc.

If you are interested in taking or Hosting any of these workshops, please contact me by email: al@alcochanshealinghands.com
or call me at 415 456-1740.


Body Optimalization: 3 day, 18hr, 18 CEUs.
Jan. 24-26, 2020. 9am-4pm.
Cost: $450.00
LOCATION: 35 Baywood Terrace. San Rafael, CA 94901

Make check payable to Al Chan.
Send to: 35 Baywood Terrace. San Rafael, CA 94901

Paypal: Recipient: clementco@yahoo.com
Please send Tuition as a gift, or to family to avoid fees.

For credit card. We have Square.
Email or call in you CC#, Exp.Date, CV# & Zip Code

also check out  Alco's  "how to be a better body worker" on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acxo1TvwUYs




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